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City of Bryan: Code Enforcement 

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Frequently Referenced Polices



Whether a yard is primarily covered with grass and/or ground cover or largely covered with natural growth, the yard shall be kept in a manner consistent with a well-maintained attractive neighborhood. If the owner of any lot fails to keep the grass and vegetation cut as often as may be necessary to maintain the lot in a neat and attractive condition, the Association may have the grass or vegetation cut, and the lot owner shall be obligated to pay, or otherwise reimburse the Association, for the cost of such work.

Translation: HOA rules mandate homeowners keep their lawn neat and tidy.  Nextdoor is a good resource to find local landscapers.  Also, you could win $25.00 off your dues, see Best of Autumn Lake Program


Trash Removal 

All garbage cans or refuse containers shall be returned to their customary storage area within eighteen (18) hours of garbage collection.

Interested in recycling?  Single Stream Recycling. The single-stream recycling program allows you to place your recyclables in one container for bi-weekly collection by Brazos Valley Recycling for only $9.95 per month or $5.95 per month when 50% of your street participates!  If interested or already participating in the program please complete the HOA Survey.



No boats, inner tubes, watercraft of any type, swimming, diving, wading or floating shall be permitted in the lake (because it's gross, have you see the water?) and no hunting or trapping of any kind is allowed in the Subdivision.

Let the ducks live in peace and it's all good.  



Bryan Municipal Code of Ordinances Division 2. - NOISE  



No vehicle or trailer, which is inoperative, wrecked, dismantled, discarded or which does not have (i) a lawful license affixed thereto, (ii) an unexpired license plate or plates, and (iii) a valid motor vehicle safety inspection certificate, shall be permitted upon any lot.  No truck or van with more than two axles, service vehicles (including but not limited to, those containing multiple toolboxes, ladder racks, welding equipment, construction equipment, or other similar equipment or accessories), boat, trailer, motor home, mobile home, house trailer, or recreational vehicle, may be kept on the street in front of any lot, or upon any lot, unless it is kept inside the garage or yard areas, behind fences or walls, and concealed from public view.

The reality is that Autumn Lake Subdivision has very narrow streets and fire and rescue must be able to get to you and your neighbors at all times.