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High Weed and Grass

Per City of Bryan Code Enforcement

Grass or weeds higher than 12 inches are deemed a public nuisance.

Owners of properties in violation will receive a notice allowing 7 days to bring the property into compliance. The City may send a contractor to mow the property on the 11th day after issuance of notice to the property owner.

The City’s initial notification of violation is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance and allows the City to mow the property without a second notification to the owner for a repeat violation in that year.

The property owner is responsible for paying all costs associated with this service plus an administration fee of $100. A citation will be issued to the property owner each time the City is required to correct the violation. A lien will be placed against the property for any bill not paid within 30 days.


  1. State highway rights-of-way

  2. Actively utilized crop production and/or grazing areas

  3. Heavily wooded areas filled with uncultivated underbrush

  4. Concentration of wildflowers from March 1 until June 15 of each year in areas where grasses and weeds do no exceed 18 inches in height

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